Tackling Malpractices in Class Tests

Here’s the entire article in a nutshell, for those who are interested:

These are the measures I took, to address the issue of malpractice at the classroom level:

  1. Made it clear that exams are written for them to analyse their knowledge and progress, against the common perception that it is only a tool for teachers to measure their progress, which made them feel judged each time they write one.
  2. Made it clear that they are not in any trouble if they get low marks.
  3. Made myself approachable, so that they are confident to speak up about their mistakes.
  4. Told them that I am not perfect myself, but made that decision at some point in my life, and stuck to it ever since. That was more of a sensible moral standard they could try to achieve, instead of giving up any attempt to be like their perfect teacher.
  5. Punished them, to correct them, not to make them feel the sting for their mistake for the rest of their life.

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