A Very Curious Love story

A Long Long Time Ago…

That’s the same reason I picked it as an elective during my PG at Pondicherry University. It was taught by Kannan sir, one of the best in the field in India.

I attended the first hour to keep up with my “New Semester” Resolution to attend classes this semester no matter what. During the introduction, he was explaining the need for Fuzzy Logic.

That’s just first 5minutes into the class. Almost all of us were already half asleep. To light up the class he asked, “Now, what are the chances for…” he looks around and decides to pick me, of all people, me, and asks, “…Jesse to come to class tomorrow?”

The conclusion he wanted is that we can’t be sure about it. If the answer was as simple as I will (true) or I will not (false), binary logic would have been sufficient. But in the real world, it’s not so. Some times we have to deal with may or may not which is somewhere in between true or false.

I was also blessed with the knowledge of what mischief my classmates can pull on me, given my track record of not attending any classes I didn’t like. Or more positively put, I attended only those classes which I deemed beneficial, a habit since pre-KG. Old habits die hard.

I almost raised my hand to save myself, but the guy sitting next to me, Gokulnath, pulled my hand down and shouted,

“Unary sir. His case is unary logic. He won’t.”

The entire class was laughing. It’s not a lie, because the next time I went for anything related to that paper was for the internal test.

Cartoon of story above

But as a professor, I had to think twice before sharing this story to my students. MCC is unlike PU. Attendance is tracked regularly. If they miss too many classes, they will be called in for a “personal” meeting with staff and warned about its consequences.

For those of you who do not know, I did my under graduation here in the same department before going to PU for PG. Well, I was a regular to those meetings with Abisha ma’am, during my student days. Twice a semester, for all six semesters she would tell me the consequences I will have to face if I don’t maintain a certain percentage of attendance. But the department never punished me for it. As the then HOD Dare sir said when my parents visited, “He’s involved in a lot of college activities. He never comes to class, but he studies. Long as he does that, I have no problem.”

As a professor, now I have to do this to my students. My own professors there would struggle hard to control their laugh until the student leaves. They all know the kind of trouble I was, back in my days.

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