A Very Curious Love story

An Unexpected Farewell

We all headed home for the holidays.

I couldn’t hold my excitement during the Christmas holidays. Couldn’t wait to get back to their class. I read, re-read, prepared a detailed game plan for their class.

Abisha ma’am, about whom I mentioned earlier retired by Dec 31st. New staff joined to replace her and to accommodate the change, some subjects were shuffled.

The only paper I lost was Fuzzy.

I was reassigned to the BSc Physics batch of 2018-21, the chronicles of my time with them is a different article in itself. I found more passion to learn mathematics there, than in any maths major class I had seen so far. If it’s a last-hour class, I would wind up the class by 1:30pm, but discussions some days will extend to 3 or 4 in the evening.

Though initially successful, would this experiment have stood the test of time? It was too early to measure it’s effectiveness as well. These questions remain unanswered to the date.

But to not teach the batch of 2017-19 itself was a heartbreak for me and them. On hearing the news, some of them just cried. It was a break up we were forced through, that none of us expected.

A year down the lane – I proud to see what they have achieved when I met them all during convocation. Marathon runners, bodybuilders, software engineers, lecturers, school teachers, some married, some expecting a baby soon and some of us jobless – our paths may have diverged from MCC, but the warmth of our friendship remains untouched.

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