CoViD-19: Mathematics Takes a Bullet (John H. Conway)

British mathematician John Conway passed away due to CoViD-19 on 11th April 2020.

Here’s a bunch of resources about him from various sources, for those who want to learn more about his life, work and legacy.

Reports of his death

His Life, Legacy and Contributions

  1. Wikipedia
  2. John Horton Conway: the world’s most charismatic mathematician
  3. The Brain of John Conway (Numberphole video, YouTube – Talks about his death)
  4. Princeton’s Website
  5. Genius at Play: The Curious Mind of John Horton Conway (Biography) on Amazon
  6. Life, Death and the Monster (Numberphile video, YouTube – Talks about his death)
  7. Monster Group (Numberphile video, YouTube)

The Conway’s Game of Life

  1. Wikipedia article on The Game of Life
  2. YouTube: Introduction to the Game of Life
  3. Simulations of Game of Life (Android): PlayStore, FDroid
  4. Inventing the Game of Life (Numberphile video, YouTube)
  5. Does Convey hate his Game of Life? (Numberphile video, YouTube)

A quick YouTube search would give you interesting lectures on Doomsday Theorem, The Free Will Theorem etc.

Books by John H. Conway

A mathematics student must invest some time to look into the history of the definition or results they are learning.

Learning the life of great mathematicians like Conway, Euler, Galois etc helps us understand how they developed their mathematical thinking and how the concepts we learn now evolved. That helps us not only understand mathematics better, but also learn how to create mathematics.

Hope you found this article useful: if you think there’s some other link which must be included in this list, please do leave it in the comment below!


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