Monohedral Convex Pentagonal Tiling: Type 1

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Before we begin, let’s look at a new word we will be using more often in coming days:

A primitive unit is a section of the tiling that generates the whole tiling using only translations, and is as small as possible. For example, a square or regular hexagonal tiling can be achieved with a 1-primitive unit.


As discussed earlier, there are 15 types of convex pentagonal tilings. They are classified based on 1. Interior angles (a, b, c, d, e) and 2. The side length (A, B, C, D, E).

Just to be sure we are all talking about the same thing, we will be taking the angles and sides as in the image below:

(from Wikipedia)

Type 1 Convex Pentagonal Tiling

Type 1 is one of the five types found by German mathematician Karl Reinhardt in 1918.

Condition 1: B + C = 180°; A + D + E = 360°

Sample tile:

Primitive units: 2-tile

Primitive unit


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Condition 2: a = c, d = e
A + B = 180°, C + D + E = 360°

Sample tile:

Primitive units: 2-tile

Primitive tile


Teaching Resources / Downloadables


  1. Verify if the second sample tile satisfies Condition 1.
  2. Also, check if first sample tile satisfies Condition 2.
  3. Find one or two tiles satisfying each condition – try to create them in Geogerab 2D.
  4. Which of the following tiles is of type 1? (How will you measure the sides and angles?)
Lattice p5-type1 cm.png
Fig 1 (Wikipedia)
Lattice p5-type1.png
Fig 2 (Wikipedia)
Primitive unit
Fig 3 (Wolfram|Alpha)

Extra Reading


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