Calculating Central Tendencies with JASP

The most popular statistical package is SPSS – which is a proprietary software from IBM. That means, you have to pay IBM to use it legally.

JASP is a free alternative to IBM with similar interface. You can download JASP for free from

This package is developed by good people at University of Amsterdam, Netherlands. It is a software under development, but still, had many useful features for basic analysis.

Mean, Median and Mode with JASP

We will first need to prepare our data from Google Sheets or Excel.

To illustrate, let’s try find the mean, median and mode of the Example 1 we discussed earlier:

Example 1: Find the arithmetic mean of 1,3,4,3,5,6,1,1

First, open any Excel/Google Sheets/LibreOffice Sheets application, and enter the data you need to analyse. Here’s how I entered it:

It’s easier to use Spreadsheet because off late, we take our surveys online with the help of Google forms – where data can be exported to Excel.

Once you create the file, go to File > Save As. Choose your favourite folder, and save the file with extension CSV – look for an option to choose extension right below the box where you enter filename.

Here’s the file, in case you run into trouble. Jasp-Example – 1.csv

Now, open JASP.

Use the Menu (3 bars on top) > Open > Computer > Browse.

Locate the CSV file and open it.

Now, click on ‘Descriptive’ Button on top.

Use the arrow button to assign ‘x’ as a Variable. You will see that results are updated live in the right panel.

Now, go to Statistics > (Unchek all in Dispersion) > Choose Mean, Median, Mode in Central Tendency.

You can verify the answers you calculated in between using JASP.

Note that the same can be achieved in Excel itself with the formulas “AVERAGE”, “GEOMEAN”, “HARMEAN”, “MEDIAN”, “MODE.SNGL”. But Excel has limited advanced statistical tools.


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