Statistics for Psychologists: Prerequisites

This article lists prerequisites for the Notes on Statistics series which will be posted in coming days.

Prescribed textbook in most of the Indian Universities is Fundamentals of Mathematical Statistics by Gupta and Kapoor by S. Chand Publishers.

You can either buy a copy or download PDF from an external website. Please note that downloading PDF of a copyrighted book is illegal, and I would strongly advice you against it.

Session recordings will be posted in the Google Classroom for the course.

JASP: Statistical Package

JASP is a free alternative to SPSS with an easy user interface. Students who wish to learn a step ahead, may consider reading these articles to familiarise yourself with this software. Aim is to introduce a new statistical package that will help you with your job/research in future.

Note that I have no association with this software or its developers (University of Arizona, Netherlands). These articles are posted purely for the benefit of students.

For mathematics/statistics majors or students who want to dig deeper, the following textbooks are suggested:


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