Teaching Materials: For Class X Chemistry

I’ve been volunteering to teach Chemistry in a rural school in Karnataka last two months, and I could not find many (aesthetically pleasing) animations to explain the concepts. So I ended up creating some.

This is off beat from the general purpose of this site; hence, sharing it here – there’s no point in requesting to attribute it to us if you’re using it in your classroom, please do if you can. Or at least leave a comment below, will encourage me to create more content like this, if time permits. They will be updated in this page as time passes by.

Dot and Cross Diagrams

Here are two simple animations illustrating reaction between metals (Sodium, Na / Magnesium, Mg) and non-metals (Chlorine). (For Unit 3)

I have the master files with me (made with PowerPoint 365), will send it to you on request. Please feel free to download, use it at will. The flickering is because WordPress resizes the image, use the link below to download the files.

Note: Note an expert in Chemistry. So, please do tell me if there are some mistakes, will fix.

Meta Data

Format: GIF
Resolution: 1280 x 720px
Size: ~5MB each.
Download: Magnesium Chloride / Sodium Chloride


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