Programming Project Idea: Useless (Live) Wallpaper

Here’s another project idea I’ve beem sitting on for a while now. To see other project ideas posted in this blog, visit this category. Inspiration Let me conclude it in two lines: This XKCD cartoon and Shannon’s Useless Machine. Concept A live wallpaper, with one button and a counter like this. The button simply resets…

Blogging Professor

Online Teaching and Zoom lectures are hot topics in academia these days. Here is a short article about one of my similar initiatives.

Implementing innovative initiatives for your students is the need of the hour – but it should be done with utmost care – we can’t afford a failed experiment!

Mathematician’s Art!

Here’s a collection of beautiful watercolour based art by fellow mathematician, Melvin! Do like-share-buy the art!

Best Free Email Clients for Desktop

Old school email user like me? I have a licensed copy of Outlook 2016, once I fire it up, the computer starts lagging like anything. I decided to switch (back) to Thunderbird which I had stopped using long time ago when Mozilla dropped support for it. I thought I’ll give a shot googling for any…

A Very Curious Love story

What if we indulged in re-discovering mathematics in classroom, to kindle the process of mathematical thinking in the students’ minds?