Programming Project Idea: Useless (Live) Wallpaper

Here’s another project idea I’ve beem sitting on for a while now. To see other project ideas posted in this blog, visit this category. Inspiration Let me conclude it in two lines: This XKCD cartoon and Shannon’s Useless Machine. Concept A live wallpaper, with one button and a counter like this. The button simply resets…

Mathematician’s Art!

Here’s a collection of beautiful watercolour based art by fellow mathematician, Melvin! Do like-share-buy the art!

Euler and The Corona Pandemic

How someone who lived in 18th century is helping us fight the pandemic today? An introduction to Euler and Graph Theory, on how it is used to #fight CoVID-19 Pandemic.


Brochure: Cornerstone Trainers

Designed back in 2015, for Cornerstone Trainers: Children-themed brochure, for schools. Template is still available. Get in touch for similar designs/To design a fresh one.