Animation: X – (A ∪ B) = (X – A) ∩ (X – B)

Proof for X – (A U B) = (X – A) ∩ (X – B) using Venn Diagrams / Animation.

All About: Definition of Sets

A detailed discussion of #Definition of #Sets, including #examples, #counterexamples, #quizzes. Useful for #GRE #CSIR #JRF #NET #GATE #Mathematics Aspirants

Non-Cyclic Abelian Groups

It is well known fact that every cyclic group is abelian. But the converse is not true always. i.e. There exists groups that are abelian but not cyclic. Uncountable abelian groups The groups such as and are abelian groups. Since any infinite cyclic group is isomorphic to and hence is countable, the above mentioned groups…

Article: How to Blabber Mathematics

Note: This article was published in MCC College Magazine 2018 and in LinkedIn. If you would like to publish it or need articles of this sort, please get in touch with me. This is a portion of my lecture in 1BSc Mathematics classroom – where I randomly walked in as a substitute for staff on…