Animation: X – (A ∪ B) = (X – A) ∩ (X – B)

Proof for X – (A U B) = (X – A) ∩ (X – B) using Venn Diagrams / Animation.

Analysis/Topology: Bounded and Totally Bounded Sets

Definitions Bounded set: Let <M,ρ> be a metric space. We say that the subset A of M is bounded if there exists a positive number L such that ρ(x,y)≤L  (x,y∈A) (Wikipedia) Diameter of a set: If A is bounded, we define diameter of A (denoted by diam A) as diam A=  ρ(x,y). If A is not…

Topology/Analysis: Homeomorphism

Definition If is one-one and onto (1-1 correspondence/bijection) continuous is continuous Then we call a homeomorphism between two metric spaces . The metric space  are said to be homeomorphic. Properties and Theorems If f is a homeomorphism between metric spaces , The set G⊂ is open if and only if the image f(G)⊂ is open. The…

All About: Definition of Sets

A detailed discussion of #Definition of #Sets, including #examples, #counterexamples, #quizzes. Useful for #GRE #CSIR #JRF #NET #GATE #Mathematics Aspirants