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From different corners of South India, connected by just one factor: our passion for teaching! You can get in touch with us individually using the social links or using the request a session form below, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Christy Varghese

General Aptitude Training

  • For schools and colleges
  • For competitive exams (CSIR-NET/JRF, GATE, NTA-CBSE NET etc.)
  • For job interviews and tests.

Vedic Mathematics and Mental Arithmetic Trainer

  • For schools and colleges
  • For competitive exam

Languages known: English, Malayalam, Hindi

Jesse P Francis

  • Teacher Training
    • For schools and colleges
    • Certified Student Centred Teaching/Learning Trainer.
    • Interactive Classroom Technology Trainer and online live classes.
    • For Humanities and STEM
  • Mathematics
    • Pure/Applied Mathematics (Real Analysis, Calculus of Variations, Integral Equations, Astronomy), Computing (Programming and Algorithms).
    • For competitive exams.
  • Science Communication
  • General Aptitude Training

Languages known: English, Malayalam, Tamil

Vivek Ravi

Areas of Expertise

  • Mathematics
    • For schools and colleges
    • Pure Mathematics (Algebra, Analysis, Linear Algebra).
    • Trained by prominent mathematicians like Dr. Kumaresan, Dr. Santhanam through select programmes like MTTS (L0), PTMT etc.
  • Science Communication

Languages known: English, Tamil

Melvin Varghese

  • Teacher Training
    • Expert in online live classes.
  • Mathematics
    • Pure/Applied Mathematics (Complex Analysis).
  • Art with Watercolour

Languages known: English, Malayalam

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