Visualizing Mathematics

What helped me the most to learn math is the attempt to visualize concepts – and given powerful tools like GeoGebra, you can visualize a lot of things in maths. Here are some that I have found useful to understand concepts better.

Calculus of Variations

Independent Field, Started as a part of Mechanics

  1. Visualizing a simple functional
  2. Visualizing moving boundary problems.
  3. A few Geometric Shapes and Brachistochrone Problem – Visualizing Brachistochrone Problem.

Tool Used: GeoGebra

Real Analysis

Where we study properties of Real Numbers

  1. Continuity
  2. Metric Spaces (YouTube)

Tools used: Yer mind, GoeGebra.

Book Suggestions

Here are some book suggestions (Click to buy):
Lev Elsgolts