Teaching Programming: Some Tips and Tricks

Here is a collection of my thoughts and experiments on better teaching programming. This article is written in the context of the Mathematics Lab with Python taught in colleges in Bangalore/Karnataka. I have tried almost all of it: and I have seen them building confidence among students to write codes themselves. The most adopted strategy…

Storytelling to Introduce Applications of Laplace Transforms

“…and they couldn’t send the satellite up! Those big solar panels! Won’t fit in the rocket! If, in any way, they can pack it in the rocket – like we lazy souls pack our dresses when we go for a trip – and pull it out in the Outerspace and iron it back to the…

Quick Revision: Topology

An intuitive introduction to topology/quickly revise the paper after a semester of coursework.

The Mathematics of Tiling

A list of articles about the mathematics of tiling, along with teaching materials like 3D Printable Models

Programming Project Idea: Useless (Live) Wallpaper

Here’s another project idea I’ve beem sitting on for a while now. To see other project ideas posted in this blog, visit this category. Inspiration Let me conclude it in two lines: This XKCD cartoon and Shannon’s Useless Machine. Concept A live wallpaper, with one button and a counter like this. The button simply resets…

Blogging Professor

Online Teaching and Zoom lectures are hot topics in academia these days. Here is a short article about one of my similar initiatives.

Implementing innovative initiatives for your students is the need of the hour – but it should be done with utmost care – we can’t afford a failed experiment!